The SAFE-REACH series of tools uses a modular co-axial design for maximum adaptability. This methodology allows for in-field reconfiguration and reduces time & expense to develop additional use applications. The simple design is compatible with a variety of tubing materials and sizes. The lengths can be joined together (a simple external linkage maintains full functionality) making almost any reasonable length possible, even where overhead space is limited. The design is glove friendly. First by breaking sharp edges and avoiding pinch/snag points. Secondly by making it easy to use in gloves. Well thought out drain and vent holes minimize retained water and high velocity vented air.

SAFE-REACH "People End"

A variety of options are available on the "People End", including no people at all. The most basic option is a simple handle that positions the interior tube. This can be augmented with springs, locks, position indication, and more. Powered solutions can be used to minimize operator fatigue and allow for repeatable force and speed. The basic design is friendly to remote or MSM control.


The SAFE-REACH series uses a simple four post interface on the business end. This supports a wide variety of uses and configurations. An available center rod option and actuation of a quick-release pin allows for the deployment and release of remote equipment. The SAFE-SADDLE is one example.